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Animal Shoots On Ascension, Raven “Wrestling Got Worse”, Rock’s New Show, WWE Denies Sonnen Story

Animal Says Ascension Off To Bad Start

WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal was recently on a local ABC News affiliate and said having the Ascension call out legendary teams is not going to get them over:

I wish The Ascension nothing but the best and hope they are successful. I know they are just doing what they are told, but when they run down teams like the Road Warriors and Demolition before ever accomplishing anything, they will be dead in the water. The fans today are just too smart for that and you can tell by their reaction. You have to look the part. Hawk and I did and we were allowed to be an extension of ourselves. The Ascension is being fed a part by Hollywood writers, not all of whom understand the business. At the same time, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Raven No Longer Watches Wrestling

Wrestling legend Raven attended the recent Miami Magic City Comic Con and said he no longer enjoys wrestling:

I don’t watch it at all, I don’t have any favorites. It’s just not the same It’s worse in my opinion. It’s interesting there is probably a higher level of athleticism than there has ever been but it is much less interesting which is why wrestling is sports entertainment, not just a sport. The story telling isn’t there.

Rock & A Hard Place Details

The Rock summarized his new HBO project ROCK & A HARD PLACE on Instagram:

We’ve officially started production on our next @HBO Documentary Films project. From armed robbery to attempted murder, we’re taking you inside one of the most unique and successful boot camp prisons in the world. They break these young offenders down in a hard core way, only to build them back up to make them better men and women once they’re released. We partnered up with the producers of LOCK UP and HBO’s best documentary filmmakers to bring you a passion project of ours. With my multiple arrests, I was once one of these kids. One poor f*cked up decision after another. I turned my life around, and hopefully along the way we’ll help a few turn theirs around too. Production starts now.

WWE Denies Chael Sonnen At Wrestlemania

WWE have denied MMA star Chael Sonnen’s claim that he and Wanderlei Silva were invited to Wrestlemania 31. Sonnen said WWE invited him to a meeting during the Wrestlemania week, but did not disclose what it was about. WWE however say it’s simply not true.

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