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Should Kurt Return To WWE? Bo Married, Rollins Engaged, Foley Texts Vince, Hayes Wants More Talkers

Xpac Wants Angle In WWE

During last night’s episode of TNA IMPACT Sean “Xpac” Waltman Tweeted that Kurt Angle should come home to WWE:

Angle’s TNA contract expires in September and he himself has expressed the desire to go back to WWE. Whether he would be able to pass their strict medical and health tests is another matter.

WWE Superstars In Love

Congrats to WWE’s Bo Dallas who was married yesterday. His sister Mika posted the news on Instagram:

I am blessed, honored, joyed, FREAKING ecstatic to announce Mr and Mrs. Taylor Michael Rotunda! I have a beautiful new sister in law and can’t wait to watch these two shine through life together and take this world by storm!

Seth Rollins might not be too far behind, as he’s now engaged with his long-time girlfriend Leighla Schultz, who is a make-up artist:

Mick Foley Accidentally Texts Vince

Mick Foley told the Boston Herald that during his campaign for Daniel Bryan who accidentally sent a text to Vince McMahon intended for Brie Bella:

I was sending a text message, one I thought I was sending to Brie, and I told her I was going to get in touch with [Vince] McMahon. I rarely interfere in the course of WWE events, but when I do, I like to think my opinion carries some weight. I sent what I thought was my message to Brie, saying, ‘Give Daniel a hug and tell him how wrong I think this whole thing is.’ I was pretty new to the iPhone. My son looked at my phone and said, ‘Dad, you just sent that to Mr. McMahon.’ My next message was, ‘Oops.

Speaking of Foley he recently wrote a Facebook blog explaining why he likes Hulk Hogan:

Yes, I like Hulk Hogan – and here’s why. With each passing year, I think I gain a better perspective on what’s really important in life. There was a time – a period of many years – where Hulk’s name would bring up some negative feelings for me. He was the guy who made far more than I did with a style that was the antithesis of mine.

But for the past several years, whenever I see Hulk Hogan, all I can think of are the words Shane Douglas shared with me about Hulk Hogan and the kindness and warmth with which he showered the kids facing life-threatening challenges, who seemed to find strength and inspiration in Hulk’s larger than life physique and personality. I’ll never forget those words Shane told me, “Those kids would just be beaming.”

Those words are all I think of when I see Hogan, People can take issue with his wrestling style…as they often do with mine. But, when it’s all said and done, Hulk Hogan used that oversized personality, and really big heart to ease so much suffering that he saw around him..

In the bigger picture, does anything else really matter?

Hayes Says Today’s Wrestlers Scared of Crowd

In a recent interview with SlAM! Wrestling Michael Hayes discussed the state of mic work in today’s wrestling:

The kids today, their athleticism far surpasses anything that most of us ever did. We had a few that were in that high echelon that could probably keep up with the kids of today, but the moveset is just not to be believed. With that said, what they don’t do in my opinion is they don’t learn how to captivate an audience. Some of them are almost scared to try to captivate and audience and they are somewhat scared of the audience. And it can’t be that way.

Because, see, I’m a tell ya, you can go all the way back in time and it takes you back to the territorial days, but you can have a great wrestler and if he or she was a mediocre talker, I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen. They’re just going to make mediocre money. But you can find a mediocre wrestler who is a great talker and he or she will make great money. And that never changed and it still won’t today.

And that’s why I don’t understand why kids don’t try to go out and perfect promos and talk that talk, and walk that walk, because everybody wants to be entertained. As fans, your lives are so hard working so you can to feed your kids, feed your wives, or whatever, and you want to escape and you don’t want to pay to see Bob the next door neighbour. And when everybody else is able to do these triple moonsaults then it’s not that special. But if everybody else can’t talk for three minutes and captivate people, and piss them off or make them happy, or get some emotion out of them, well then I don’t understand why so many kids don’t see that that’s the avenue to the pay window. And in the territorial days that’s what made it happen.

Of course Hayes who was one of the lead writers for years and is still a backstage agent would have more insight than most about why that is. The simple fact is WWE careful regulates what most of their talent say.

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