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AMC Wanted To Buy WWE? Bella Twins In Music Video, Shamrock Talks CM Punk In MMA

AMC Networks Want More Than Just WWE Programming?

Rumor has it that AMC Networks are not only considering obtaining WWE’s TV rights, but also wanted to purchase the entire company. Of course there is no way the McMahons would ever sell WWE – George Barrios clarified to Bloomberg last week that the company is not in merger talks – but it demonstrates there is major interest in WWE’s brand.

WWE hopes to announce the status of their flagship programming by May. They have also talked with Spike TV parent company Viacom, and Fox.

Watch Bella Twins In New Rap Video

The music video to Na Na by Trey Songz has now been released, featuring WWE’s Bella Twins:


Ken Shamrock Says CM Punk Has “spoiled brat syndrome”

MMA legend and former WWE star Ken Shamrock told the Riv and Landin Show that CM Punk is suffering from “spoiled brat syndrome,” for walking out.

When asked his thoughts on CM Punk potentially entering MMA, Ken said that he thinks Punk should start at the bottom because he has no experience, and that he’d have no chance in the UFC.

Though he’s been challenged by various people, Punk himself has never said he wants to do pro MMA.

Shamrock still keeps hyping that he wants to return to WWE.

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