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Ambrose On Wrestling Being Fake, Ryback Wants To Team With Lesnar, Jake Roberts Interview

Dean Ambrose Discusses Wrestling Misconceptions

Dean Ambrose

In a recent interview with the Dayton City Dean Ambrose was asked about misconceptions of pro wrestling:

[The] biggest misconception is it’s fake, it doesn’t hurt and everything is scripted in and out of the ring – those are the big ones. Not everything is scripted. Things change on the fly and you have to react to think on your feet. You only get one chance to get it right since it’s live. Nothing about it is fake. It all hurts. I feel the toll of what all I’ve put my body through year after year, but hopefully I’ll come out on the better end of it.

Ryback Wants To Team With Brock Lesnar

Ryback said he’d like to team with Brock Lesnar when asked about his ideal partner by

“A guy like Brock Lesnar. I believe we are very similar breeds as far as style and intensity. I think if you tagged us together, that’s an unstoppable force that would never be beaten.”

Jake Roberts Does Hangout

Here is a “hangout” with Jake Roberts conducted on Thursday:

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