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Ambrose Hates Scripted Promos, Vince Motivates Rollins, Kendrick On NXT, The Rock Praises Steen

Dean Ambrose On WWE’s Over Scripting

Dean Ambrose was Chris Jericho’s latest wrestling guest on Talk Is Jericho and says he does not like WWE’s over scripting of promos:

A lot of guys come out and they do the exact same thing, are in the exact same mood and have the exact same entrance every night… I really just make up a lot of crap as I go along. The first time that somebody handed me a sheet of paper with a promo on it, it was like a ‘throw up in your mouth’ kind of moment. And it’s not like their fault, you know? It’s not the writers’ fault. But if was my world, there would be no written promos, there’d be no scripts… That wouldn’t be a thing.

I think there’s too many in-ring promos now. I hate in–ring promos I’ve never done a promo in WWE that I liked. I’ve never been like, ‘That was a good promo’ once in WWE and I’ve done a fair amount… Anytime, even if I change it a little to where I’m like, ‘Okay, I like it. Is it cool if I do this?’…But there’s always like, ‘Okay, make sure that you hit on this and make sure you say this and use this term… Say pay-per-view instead of special event’ or something… You know if there’s one of those little things in there, then it’s ruined for me.

Seth Rollins On “Brass Ring” Comments

Seth Rollins discussed Vince McMahon’s recent “brass ring” comments in an interview with WOIO-TV CBS-19:

Vince was very kind to mention my name after he made that comment as one of the guys who is reaching for that proverbial brass ring. But at the same time to me, that really lit a fire under me and there’s a bunch of other ways I can say that but I don’t like hearing that. Even though I appreciate the fact that he did kind of separate a few of us from the pack when talking about that situation, at the same time you have to understand how badly I do want it and how ambitious I’ve been my entire life in getting to this point. It hasn’t just been for me a situation where I went from A to Z, I’ve had all of these letter in between and all of these opportunities in between that I’ve been able to turn into successful situations for me. Now here we are and I’m main eventing with John Cena at TLC in a tables match. So for anyone to say that I’m not reaching for a brass ring or whatever you want to call it is just asinine at this point. All I’ve ever done my entire life is dedicate it to professional wrestling, to WWE and if I’m certainly if not holding onto that brass ring, I’m reaching to grab it. I know what Vince was doing and I understand what he was saying. Do I agree with it? Not so much.

Brian Kendrick Has NXT Match

Brian Kendrick who was backstage at NXT Revolution actually wrestled at last night’s TV tapings, losing to Solomon Crowe. It’s not clear if this is a one off or if Kendrick is back with WWE.

Former TNA Knockout Brittany was also backstage at Revolution.

The Rock Praises Kevin Owens

It looks like The rock was impressed with the NXT debut of Kevin Owens:

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