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AJ Styles Drawing More Than TNA, IMPACT Preview, Bobby Roode Interview

More Fans Come To See AJ Styles Than TNA

In a recent interview with The LAW AJ Styles agreed that indepdent shows he’s on have been drawing more than TNA events:

I don’t quite understand why this is, but almost every show I’ve been at has drawn that kind of number. I’m not saying it’s me, I’m saying the promoters know what they’re doing. That’s what’s so crazy about this, I’m having so much fun and I’m going, wow, for somebody to say that I wasn’t worth the money, there sure are a lot of people showing up at these independent shows to see exactly what I do. It’s confusing, to say the least, but I’m very excited about the fact that I’m able to work in front of all these people and I’m able to give them their money’s worth.

Willow vs James Storm Tonight

On tonight’s episode of TNA IMPACT on Spike TV, Willow will take on James Storm, Eric Young will be defending his title, Bully Ray continues his feud with Dixie, and Knux will be debuting his new stable the Menagerie.

Roode Talks EY Becoming Champion

Bobby Roode discussed Eric Young becoming the TNA champ during an interview with TSN 690 radio:

I’m happy for Eric. We’re two guys who came up the same way, grew up in Canada, with the dream of being a wrestler and a world champion. He’s a TNA original, we were tag champs together, there’s a lot of history between the two of us. He’s been in the business long enough and he saw the way that I carried the title and he sees there’s a bullseye on his back. When the time comes to doing business, I’m going to do what I have to do. I know what it takes to get it, to win it, to hold it, to keep it. That eagerness to carry the world championship again and to have that responsibility again. That was something I thrived on and something I missed. I will take that opportunity and make the best of it when it comes again.

Roode also discussed the recent roster changes:

At the end of the day this is a business, not everybody is going to be happy and people go their separate ways. It’s the wrestling business and we’re seen it happen a million times. Unfortunately, AJ was a TNA original and was the face of our company for a very long time. That departure bothers me the most. I had a great relationship with AJ, we were friends, we were part of Fortune together, and we had some great matches. I understand where AJ’s coming from, it’s all business, and I wish him nothing but the best. Sting was a great guy to have in our locker room. He was a veteran leader. A guy that you can go and talk to, a guy who I had some memorable matches, and a guy who mentored me a lot and taught me a lot in the ring. He’s an icon; his name will live forever in this business. And I wish him nothing but the best of luck. At the end of the day this is a business and you’ve got to do what you can for yourself.

Our company is looking really strong for the future. Ethan Carter has a hell of a career in front of him. He’s young; he’s got a lot to learn. His eyes and his ears are always open, always asking for advice. He’s handling himself better each and every week. Down the road he will be a main event guy and possible champion. Gunner’s the same thing. He’s got a look and demeanor about him that is world champion material. The Wolves wrestling ability speaks for themselves. They’re a great tag team and great individual wrestlers as well. The future looks very bright.

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