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AJ Lee Wins Maxim Cover, Swagger Banned From Canada, CNBC Mocks Fake Wrestling

AJ Lee Wins Maxim Cover Poll

WWE Diva AJ Lee won a poll entitling her to appear on a future cover of the print Magazine. With 81% of the votes, she defeated Miesha Tate, Summer Glau, Nina Dobrev, and Kate Beckinsale.

Cesaro Goes Singles Without Swagger

Due to his marijuana drug charge Jack Swagger was banned from entering Canada for the Montreal, Quebec, WWE house show on Sunday. The card was reshuffled and Antonio Cesaro ended up losing to Fernando of Los Matadores.

WWE Fans Rip CNBC Article

WWE fans have ripped apart an article published yesterday on that decided to use the tired old “it’s fake” cliché to sneer at pro wrestling fans.

Lawrence Lewitinn, one of the few analysts to suggest that WWE stock will soon plummet, wrote:

Good news for “professional” wrestling fans: No, it’s not actually real. However, now you can enjoy wrestling 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your parents’ basement.

He continued:

“The core business is just deteriorating,” he says. “You don’t have enough young men looking at wrestling with its scripted program.”

“You’re looking at a model that’s in decline and valuation is stupidly high.”

Interestingly commenter TRob pointed out that NBC Universal owns CNBC and the USA Network, which airs RAW.

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