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AJ Lee Returning On RAW? Vince Tweets Batista, Lesnar Would Get Sued, Russo Loses Website

RAW Preview

AJ Lee is reportedly backstage for tonight’s RAW from Newark, New Jersey, so she’s expected to make her return to build to a Divas match at Wrestlemania. Meanwhile The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart will be making an appearance to continue the feud with Seth Rollins. are hyping the following 5 points for the show:

– Will Cena battle Rusev at WrestleMania?
– Does a Curb Stomp await Jon Stewart?
– How will Reigns prepare for Lesnar?
– Is Randy Orton going to snap?
– Who will take possession of the IC title this week?

Next week rapper Wiz Khalifa will be performing on RAW:

Vince Praises Batista

In a rare Tweet Vince McMahon congratulated Batista for getting the role of Mr. Hinx in James Bond Spectre:

Vince Threatens Lesnar

After Brock Lesnar walked out during last week’s RAW, Vince McMahon told people that he would sue him if he failed to show up for the rest of his scheduled dates, especially Wrestlemania. Word was that Vince didn’t think he’d actually no-show the event though.

Russo Booted From Website

Vince Russo is claiming that he has been locked out from his own website Pyro & Ballyhoo by the person who set things up and ran the back-end. He says subscribers and merchandise are now out of his hands.

Is this just a swerve?

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