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AJ Lee Reaches Milestone, DDP Shoots On Bischoff, Miz Commentates On SmackDown

AJ Lee Longest Divas Champion

AJ Lee ChampionAJ Lee is now the longest reigning Divas champion. She Tweeted:

“It’s official. Longest reigning Diva’s champ. 213 and counting. Time to party. And by party, I mean eat ice cream in bed with only half the shame I would normally have.”

It seems despite the hype surrounding Total Divas, and AJ Lee’s recent incident with Michelle Beadle, the company still see her as top dog at performing.

DDP Calls Eric Bischoff Obnoxious

DDP told the V2 Wrestling Podcast that he misses his old friend Eric Bischoff, but he is the one that remains distant:

“Bischoff was a genius. He could be an asshole at times. I had an amazing relationship with him. We don’t even talk today, which is so f—ed up to me, and it’s his fault, because he sucks on the phone. We don’t even have a relationship anything like we had, but at the time, it was a real relationship… (Now) he doesn’t even return a phone call, which is so obnoxious.”

The Miz Joins SmackDown Announce Team

It seems WWE are still struggling to find the ideal role for The Miz, as he has now been added to the SmackDown announce team along with JBL and Michael Cole.

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