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AJ Lee Quits WWE, Edge Talks Perro’s Death, Barrett In WWE Movie

AJ Lee Retires From WWE

WWE Diva AJ Lee requested and was granted her release from WWE and appears to have retired from wrestling. The WWE Twitter account Tweeted:

The hug AJ gave Paige after their Wrestlemania bout would suggest all parties already knew the retirement was coming.

Edge Says Perro’s Death Hits Home

WWE Hall of Famer Edge who retired due to severe spinal stenosis in his neck, told Chris Jericho that the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. really hit home. Before he retired he was told one wrong bump and he could be paralysed or dead.

Someone sent me the link and I stupidly watched it. I couldn’t get past it. It hit so close to home. I’m the luckiest man on the planet. I feel that when I see that and I hear about it. I don’t know how I dodged that bullet, because that easily should have been me.

I probably had stenosis when Jeff (Hardy) landed on me through that ladder at WrestleMania 23. I was already having more neck issues then. How did I breeze by that? There’s no explanation, especially when I saw how little caused Perro to pass away. I don’t want to speak out of turn, seeing that makes me wonder if he had spinal stenosis that was undiagnosed. I feel horrible for his family, for Rey, for everybody. It still sits with me. How did I get through. Seeing the moves and motions, that’s how I felt. I got so many texts from people saying ‘glad you got out.’ It’s been sitting in my gut, but I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

I had been having neck issues stemming from the first fusion. I was taking the Batista Bomb every night during our angle. Every night I would take it and my arms would go out. They would come back but it would take like 20 seconds. That should have set off alarms but it was the mentality of ‘I’m the champ, I have to keep rolling through.’ This is what we do. Finally, my arms was trembling. It felt like my nervous system was off. It was just an MRI that showed it. Finally WWE said ‘that’s it, dude.

New WWE Studios Partnerships

WWE Studios have been partnering with several other studios/production houses for future projects, including Erebus Pictures (owned by Kiss star Gene Simmons) and British production company Richwater Films. The latter will co-produce and co-finance “Eliminators” starring Wade Barrett in May, and “Rampage”, later in the year.

Erebus is on board for 3 horror films starting with “Temple.”

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