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AJ Collapses Due To ‘Dehydration’

6c606e53c2c56cc15d367f4f02d83b78WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee collapsed on Friday during WWE’s house show from The O2 Arena in London, England. A report on claims she was suffering from dehydration.

According to live fan reports AJ tagged out of her match, teaming with Tamina against The Bella Twins, and collapsed off the ring apron to the floor. She only fainted momentarily, but the match was quickly brought to a close as medical staff came down to assist her. Brie Bella rolled up Tamina for the win.

WWE made the following statement, but has not elaborated on the circumstances of the incident:

“Tonight in London, WWE Diva AJ Lee briefly fainted during a match with Brie Bella due to dehydration. She is currently being evaluated by WWE medical staff.”

Quite how it is possible for a trained wrestler to try and work a match while dehydrated is not clear. It’s possible that with all the travel, she brushed off any symptoms and tiredness and assumed there was nothing wrong. It’s also possible that she has some kind of underlying health problem, or is suffering from the illness several other talent have reported to have picked up during the tour.

It should also be noted that concussion symptoms are very similar to dehydration. AJ is only recently coming off a concussion, which she was cleared from last month. It’s possible that it was much worse than first thought and WWE are covering their bases by using the dehydration story. Of course this is just speculation, and WWE’s concussion monitoring is the strictest it has ever been, but for the monitoring to work effectively wrestlers have to be honest with their symptoms.

If we take the Dolph Ziggler situation as an example, his concussion derailed his push. That does not send a positive message to other talent who want to maintain their positions. Could AJ have been downplaying her condition so she remains at the top of the Diva’s division?

Some fans are also speculating about whether her weight could have played a role. It wouldn’t be the first time a WWE Diva has been taken out by eating disorders and weight loss pills, but again this is nothing but speculation at this time.

The main thing is that she’s ok.

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