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Adam Pearce To WWE? Stephanie Denies Total Divas Rule, RAW Audience Tanks

Adam Pearce To Be WWE Trainer?

Independent star Adam Pearce has taken part in several guest trainer spots at the WWE Performance Center and it’s rumored that he may end up with Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore’s former position. The 36 year old is a former NWA Champion, has wrestled for ROH, NJPW and numerous indys across the world. He also appeared briefly in TNA as part of the Gut Check concept, but has never appeared on the mainstream stage.

[I always find it odd when talent that are clearly respected are never given the opportunity in TNA or WWE. I’m sure he’d make a great trainer and there may be personal reasons why he hasn’t gone further, but if there’s nothing holding him back why can’t he have a run on TV? Why is Sara Del Rey training new Divas when she could be one of the most competent WWE Divas the company has ever had?]

Total Divas Not Barred From Divas Title?

In a Q&A with Yahoo! Sports Stephanie McMahon denied that the Total Divas cast are barred from winning the Divas Title, even though it’s never happened and both Natalya and Cameron have spoken about it in other interviews.

“I honestly don’t even know how that rumor got started,” says Stephanie. “There is no policy. I think it would be awesome to have one of the Total Divas as our champion. I think it would drive interest in the storyline. I would never say never.”

Stephanie also discussed an amendment to the company’s internal policies about domestic violence:

“We have a zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse. Upon arrest for such misconduct, our Superstars are immediately suspended and should there be a conviction, that Superstar or Diva would be terminated.”

[Does that really need to be some kind of publicly acknowledged policy? In WWE’s current corporate environment its a no-brainer, if a wrestler commits a violent crime they’re gone. We’ve already seen it with TNA’s Bram who assaulted a police officer during his time in NXT and most recently Alberto Del Rio. WWE just want brownie points because of the recent NFL scandal.]

RAW Audience Lowest Since Memorial Day

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 3,668,000 viewers, the lowest since Memorial Day. Of course this is mostly down to Monday Night Football, but it wouldn’t be happening if the product was red hot.

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  • justice

    I agree with your comment about sara del Ray and Pearce. Why on earth make these people trainers now (Even though im sure they are excellent) When they could still contribute greatly to the show, especially since now it seems WWE is really on a downward slide as far as product goes these days. talent like these could really help out.

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