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Actor Calls Out Cena, Undertaker’s New WWE Job, AJ Lee Calls Kane Teddy Bear

Tiny Lister Challenges John Cena

Actor Tiny Lister, who appeared as Zeus in WWE’s 80s “No Holds Barred” movie and briefly feuded with Hogan, called John Cena out for wanting to produce a reality show. He told Another Wrestling Podcast:

John Cena, I’m calling you out to all your fans. You want to come do reality shows, take that make-up off John, it don’t look good on you. Be a real cat, real cats don’t wear make-up. John, get off that reality show. I’ll meet your ass in the ring… in your house and I’m calling you out. Because I see the WWE they got too damn soft.

As noted earlier this week Cena is partnering with the makers of Pawn Stars to create his own reality show.

Undertaker Working At Performance Center

Word is that The Undertaker is now working as an advisor for the WWE Performance Center. He attended the latest NXT TV tapings.

AJ Lee Talks Woking With Kane and Meeting Lita

In a recent interview with 105.3 THE FAN in Dallas, TX AJ Lee discussed meeting Lita as a child, which was infamously capture on camera:

The really cool thing is meeting people that you look up to and them being cool and not disappointing. So for her to be awesome and nice definitely helped me along my path.

She also discussed working with Kane:

He’s the most lovable person on earth, there is not one person that does not like him. He’s the one lovable teddy bear that everyone loves so much.

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