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RAW Preview: Lesnar Not Booked, Sabin Wants WWE Run, Jake Update, AJ Punk Wedding Pic

Brock Lesnar not on RAW for weeks, Chris Sabin’s dream is WWE, Jake Roberts has Bronchoscopy, CM Punk & AJ Lee wedding photo.

Barrett Talks Push Being Derailed, Austin On ESPN, McIntyre Defends Wrestling, Naomi Update

Barrett talks injury, Steve Austin drinks beer on ESPN, McIntyre on people disrespecting wrestling, Naomi gets procedure done.

Jake Roberts Transferred, Lana Ruev Holiday Snaps, Goldberg On Sting To WWE, Hulk Shoots On Austin

Jake’s fluid worsens, Lana & Rusev chill with Harrelson & Willie Nelson, Goldberg on Sting situation, Hulk calls Austin bitch?

Rosa Has Secret, The Rock Thought Hornswoggle Was Kid, Jarrett Joins Bullet Club

Rosa Mendes to reveal alcohol issues? Hornswoggle says Rock thought he was Make A Wish kid, and Jarrett partners with NJPW.

Jake Roberts Regains Conciousness, Ryback Update, Batista Talks WWE Run, New NXT GM

Jake Roberts awake & communicating, Ryback cuts promo from hospital, Batista talks last WWE run, and Regal new NXT GM.

Jake Roberts Hospitalized With Pneumonia and Brain Tumor

Jake Roberts rushed to hospital after passing out on flight.

John Cena Injured? Bryan Wants Lesnar, Tough Enough Cancelled, Sting DVD Intro

Concern over Cena’s nagging injuries, Bryan wants match with Lesnar, New season of Tough Enough axed, Best of Sting DVD clip.

RVD Taking Time Off, Mick Foley Health Update, Heyman Praises Shane Douglas

RVD taking his next break, Mick Foley blogs about back issues, and Paul Heyman talks early ECW.

RAW Rating Drops, Foley Needs Surgery, Ryback Out With Injury?

This week’s RAW audience drops against the Emmys, Foley needs surgery & talks CM Punk situation, and Ryback taking time off?

Velocity Channel Interested In TNA, More GFW Deals, King Mo Says Wrestling Harder Than MMA

Details on possible new Network for Impact, GFW partners with Aussie promotions, and why King Mo respects pro wrestling.

Rosa Topless On Total Divas, Kane Gets Katie Vick Treatment, JR Critiques RAW

Clip: Rosa Mendes goes topless on Total Divas, Katie Vick-like segment in Kane’s new movie, JR “Cena should have stayed away.”

RAW Preview, Daniel Bryan’s Return Revealed? WWE Card Game Reaches 1.5 Million Downloads

Legends at RAW preview, Daniel Bryan advertised for November, and WWE SuperCard exceeds 1.5 million downloads.

Velvet Sky Takes Ice Bucket, ODB Gone From TNA, Petey Williams Talks Retirement

Bully Ray and Velvet Sky’s Ice Bucket video, ODB confirms TNA departure, and why Petey Williams retired.

SmackDown Officially Moving To Thursdays, Prince Devitt Talks Joining WWE, Cena Talks Heel Turn

Syfy announces new SmackDown slot, Prince Devitt says WWE is dream come true, and Cena Heel Turn will never happen.

Bryan On Kenta and Devitt Joining WWE, Multiple Legends Opening RAW, Nixed Faction Revived?

Daniel Bryan talks new WWE signings, WWE announces HOF segment for RAW, and Xavier Woods faction going ahead?

TNA Replaced By Cops, Grado On British Boot Camp, JR’s Russo Interview Causes Heat?

Cops gets TNA’s old timeslot, Grado takes part in TNA reality show, and JR addresses TNA heat rumors.

Are Part-Timers a Good Thing for WWE?

The Suplah hosts discuss the pros and cons of WWE using so called “part timers” on their roster.

New Announce Teams, Devitt Keeping Paint? Hogan Embarrassed By TNA Work

Tom Phillips joins SmackDown, Devitt wears paint at NXT, and Hulk Hogan embarrassed by his TNA matches.

Undertaker No Sells Ice Bucket, Bourne talks Bizarre Referee Rule, NXT Takeover 2

The Undertaker and Michelle get Ice Bucketed, WWE refs got bonus for DQs, and Triple H announces NXT Takeover 2.

RVD Snubs ALS Challenge, Hogan In WWE Film, Olympian Chooses UFC Over WWE

RVD won’t follow ALS herd, Hogan and Hasselhoff in new WWE film, and Olympic Wrestler chooses UFC over WWE.

Impact With Spike Until 2015, Christy Hemme Pregnant, EC3 Talks Dixie’s Table Bump

Impact staying on Spike until at least 2015, Christy Hemme 5 months pregnant, EC3 Talks Dixie Bump and Bully Ray’s Status.

Hogan Warns Lesnar, New Undertaker Project, Cena vs Lesnar Rematch, Sting Wants Wyatt?

Hulk Hogan warns Brock Lesnar, Night of Champions Main Event, Undertaker and Mark Henry team up, Sting praises Bray Wyatt?

Ambrose Written Off TV, Lesnar With New Belt, Brothers Of Destruction DVD Details

Dean Ambrose written off TV to film movie, Photos of Brock Lesnar’s new belt, and WWE Brothers Of Destruction DVD synopsis.

New Champ Lesnar Getting New Belt On RAW, Steph Gets Ice Bucketed, Rey and Del Rio Appear For AAA

Brock Lesnar debuting new belt tonight, Rey wants to be free and Del Rio explains release, Stephanie answers ALS Challenge.

Brie Says Bryan Is Woman of Relationship, Foley Predicts Lesnar, Watch Full 2K15 Panel, Sting Interview

Brie says she’s more of a man than Bryan, Foley gives Summerslam pick, watch full WWE 2K15 Panel with Austin & Sting.

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