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2nd Letter Against Bill DeMott, The Usos Talk Wrestling Family

Even More Allegations Emerge

A second damning letter against head WWE trainer Bill DeMott has emerged today, further alleging dangerous and unprofessional training methods. Uncovered by The Sports Courier the following was written by former NXT wrestler Brandon Traven (Ryan Collins/Kevin Matthews) to WWE management. The letter was written with the encouragement of his original trainer, the legendary Harley Race:

Ryan Nemeth, the younger brother of Dolph Ziggler, continues to Tweet against DeMott, with encouragement from Joey Ryan who made allegations himself last year:

MVP also chimed in:

While it might be easy to dismiss these claims as coming from failed talent with an axe to grind, it’s important to note that they only target Bill DeMott (not other trainers), and these were formal letters written to the office, not talent shooting their mouths off on podcasts.

You can also flip it around. Perhaps wrestlers within WWE aren’t speaking out because they fear for their jobs.

Usos Interview Highlights

You can check out The Uso’s recent interview with Mike Jones of DC 101 radio below:

They discussed growing up in a wrestling family:

If anything there’s more pressure on second and third generation Superstars because you have to deliver. You can’t go out there and just suck, and we almost did. The path before us was already laid, and it was intimidating, because we have Yoko, Maga, my dad, Afa, and Sika. As far as us, everybody knew who our family was but we had to find out who the Usos are. We have our own identity, we’re not just a number in our family.

The Usos also discussed The Ascension:

It’s always good when you have a tag team, when people see two guys come in and stick together, like me and my brother. They’re together and they just have to find what works. They have the old school Legion of Doom feel and we’ll cross paths soon enough.

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