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2K Bans Benoit CAWs, Ryback Discusses Punk Situation, MMA Star Calls Out Punk, Sting’s Contract

Chris Benoit Textures Banned From 2K15

Although there isn’t an explicit written policy, 2K are handing out temporary bans to people that upload Chris Benoit created wrestlers and textures to the online WWE 2K15 community. One user complained to 2K employee Marcus Stephenson, who is pretty blunt in his responses:

Ryback’s Second Response To CM Punk

Ryback has again responded to CM Punk’s claims that he deliberately kicked him so hard that it broke his ribs and threw him to the concrete in another match instead of through a table. Speaking to The Franchise 107.7 in Oklahoma, Ryback says:

A little harmless fire back never hurts. … I don’t want to harp on this but I will say the comments he made were not accurate about me, definitely. It’s a little disappointing to hear that. He was never like that to my face. To hear the things that he said, especially behind my back to Vince (McMahon), it’s very disturbing to me. Things did not go ideal for me after that time period that we had wrestled and I stuck around, I hung out, I showed up day in and day out, I did my job, and turned things around.

He goes on record saying I broke his ribs on purpose and this and that. That’s not true. And if it was, if he says that that happened, he never did anything about it, if he’s this big bad tough guy. But it never happened. You’ve got a roster full of WWE talent that knows the real Ryback. Everyone knows the truth and what he said is not the truth.

There’s video proof that Ryback botched putting Punk through a table (since it was televised), and unless he’s blatantly lying we can also assume that Punk did get his ribs broken with a kick. The point of contention is whether Ryback did it all deliberately, which seems unlikely.

Jim Ross discussed the situation on Busted Open Radio:

You won’t find a unanimous decision on anything; which is why wrestlers won’t ever form a union. They can’t even form what they want to have for lunch or even stop for lunch when their on the road. Trust isn’t a big prominent thing in pro wrestling because they know their shelf-lives are short. Some guys will be very leery of trusting Phil because he brought up one of his own and shined unflattering light on Ryback, without any knowledge and based off how he looks. There will be a lot of guys alienated from that statement. Phil won’t care because he washed his hands of it. The guys who were Phil’s friends would probably just leave it alone. I think the whole thing could’ve been avoided if the problem was identified by both parties. The locker room is a very cruel place; and guys will lie to stir up a hornets nest especially when it comes to money; say a guy gets $50,000 for a PPV and they usually say they got $100,000 just to stir it up. I had a talent come up to me and said that I screwed him on his PPV pay out and I said ‘based on what’ and “I know guys that made double than what I made” and I knew that wasn’t true. So I made him tell me who it was and then I sent somebody after that person bring him into my office and said “Here’s the deal did wrestler A tell wrestler B make a 100 grand on the last PPV?” Silence. Then the wrestler said “I was kidding he should know I was kidding.” The locker room is a very cold place at times and it’s not the warm fuzzy all for one, one for all situations. Everybody wants the spot and there is only one big money spot. If this were the old territories days I would try to get Phil as a booker. He has a great mind and he has a great desire for the product and I could relate to that but the problem is there are no territories to book.

Even Dixie Carter chimed in on CM Punk in an interview with the UK Independent:

CM Punk’s in a place right now where he’s happy and I wouldn’t attempt to try to get him to come wrestle for us until he’s in a place where he wants to wrestle. I respect what he’s done so much, he was in my opinion at the top of his game, and it’s hard walking away from a big paycheck, but he did it. You wouldn’t want to ask him to walk to a new paycheck until his head is in the right place.

Punk had a brief run in TNA in 2003.

MMA Star Shoots On CM Punk

It seems like MMA star Phil Baroni has taken a page from pro wrestling, in an over the top “shoot” on CM Punk. He wrote on Instagram

I’ll bust you up. Call Coker , move da f–king needle. Wa Wa 3H was mean to me. Vince owes me. Wa Wa. . Your gona love MMA and @Danawhite it’s so fair ova here. Ryback hurt you? I’ll break your f–king Neck #whineyb—h.

Punk trains non-competitively in Jujitsu under the Gracies and both UFC and Bellator have shown interest in using him, even if it’s not for a fight.

Sting To Make 6 Appearances?

According to Busted Open Radio Sting’s contract requires him to make 6 on camera appearances, with one already taking place at Survivor Series. This doesn’t necessarily include video packages and interviews.

This may explain why they never really followed up on RAW.

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