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11 WWE Stars Released, Their Departing Tweets, Hawkins Calls Henry Idiot, Jarrett Comments

A total of 11 WWE stars have been released from their contracts today. While none of them were particularly shocking judging from each of their creative directions, it is somewhat of a surprise considering there was only recently an internal policy to let contracts expire instead of straight up firing talent. Perhaps with the stock price crash, WWE decided to cut the deadwood and save a bit of cash. The departing names are:

* Drew McIntyre
* Jinder Mahal
* Aksana
* Curt Hawkins
* Theodore Long
* Camacho
* Brodus Clay
* Evan Bourne
* Yoshi Tatsu
* Referee Marc Harris

Several of the stars took to Twitter to confirm their departures. The most comical one was from JTG:

Speaking of Brodus Clay he interestingly re-tweeted a comment from Jeff Jarrett:

Curt Hawkins also Tweeted about his release, and then took a shot at Mark Henry for an ill-timed Tweet

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    wow, wwe has some stupid people for doing that. lots of great talent lost again :/

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